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Ramsgate Bandstand

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What do you need if you have a bandstand?
A band; and if you have a band, what do you want to do?
Dance; and what is essential to have a dance?
A dancefloor.

That is why around this bandstand is the only open-air polished dance floor that you will find on a cliff top anywhere in the world.

When the new bandstand, designed by the borough engineer R D Brimmell, was opened, it was reported that the dancefloor was 'specially prepared concrete polished to a mirror-like surface' (Kent Times, 1st March 1939) and had to be re-waxed every spring.

Dances that attracted big crowds were held after the war and throught the fifties, indeed right up until the 1970s, but it was to be September 2005 before the next entertainment was put on here.
Underneath the bandstand are two changing rooms.

Abstract taken from 'The Isle of Thanet Compendium by Bob Cawthorne