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Ramsgate Events Organisers

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Ramsgate Events Organisers (R.E.O) have many different groups involved who create and run events within Ramsgate. They all work together to make sure there are lots of events that you can get involved with.

R.E.O meets on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm at The Custom House. Any Event Organiser is welcome to join. Ralph Hoult is the Chairman for R.E.O.

To request the use of the REO Equipment, download the form below:
REO Equipment Request Form

Details of the Events Organisers can be found below:

Suzy Humphries
Ramsgate Arts
07939 542990
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Jo Mapp
Crafty B**CHES
07724 804905
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Mayor of Ramsgate
Ramsgate Mayors Charity
01843 598758
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Phyllis Leaney
Addington Street Historical Fayre
01227 765252
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Ralph Hoult
Starlite Entertainers
07969 672674
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Granville Theatre & Cinema
01843 855000
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Janet Reid
Ramsgate Costumed Walks
01843 580832
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Sarah Gough
The Alfie Gough Charitable Trust
07748 573042
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Ramsgate Royal British Legion Club
01843 593114
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Jenny Royce
Ramsgate Carnival Group
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More Ramsgate Event Organisers