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Civic Chains, Badge and Mace

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Civic Chain
The chain of office is 36 inches long and consists of 18 shields surrounded by a lifebuoy interlinked by 17 Persian ornaments, on each one is the Hebrew letter "mem" and on each shield the names of past Mayors. Suspended from the chain, illustrations of a ship's block and tackle form the badge, which is of Elizabethan design and crossed by the mace and sword. In the centre are the silver bars, which form a cross known as the "armorial bearings", and were granted to the town in 1884. (Armorial bearings must be registered with the college of arms).

After the forming of the Jewish state of Israel, an offer of £250,000 was made for the chain, but was declined due to its historic value to the town.

Civic Badge
Surrounding the badge is the richly enamelled laurel and wreath entwined by a ribbon of royal blue, bearing the town motto in Latin "salus naufragis salus aegris", which means "safety for the shipwrecked and health for the sick".  The badge and chain of office is the work of the late Mr. James Phillips of New Bond Street in London and it is made from 18ct gold. The chain is 36 inches long and weighs 13 oz. the badge weighs 8oz. and at the last valuation in 1997, the chain was valued at £86,000 and the badge £49,000.
Civic Mace
The ceremonial mace is 3ft long and weighs 51bs. 5oz. and is of silver gilt, heavily engraved with the Scottish thistle which signifies the unification between England and Scotland. The four shields on the crown of the mace are the horse rampant, (the county emblem), the borough arms, the badge of the Cinque Ports and the names of the donors, Tomson and Wotton. (the commonwealth mace has an acorn on top of the crown instead of the orb and cross).