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Below are the recent announcements within Ramsgate:

This is to enable burst water main repairs to be carried out by South East Water.
The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Parish Councillor for the parish ward in Ramsgate - Central Harbour Ward.
Radford House is changing from a Fire station to a Community hub and Ramsgate Town Council is looking for suitably qualified volunteers to join a Council working group to advise and guide the Council to make those changes happen in the most effective way.
This is to create a safety zone around an unstable building, to be carried out by Kent County Council.
Thanet has currently three PSPO's which are Anti-Social Behaviour PSPO, Beaches & Coast PSPO and Alcohol PSPO.
A compulsory 40 mph speed limit will be imposed in both directions on A299 Hengist Way.
To allow a programme of carriageway patching and surface treatment works to be carried out, Kent County Council has made an Order to temporarily restrict traffic on various roads throughout the Thanet District.
Ramsgate Town Council wishes to let it be known that Councillor Peter Campbell, passed away last night, peacefully, at the Pilgrims Hospice, Canterbury.
Ramsgate remembers those who fought during the two World Wars in this special Ramsgate Remembrance Book for 2020.
It is with great sadness to report the passing of Dominic Grant.