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Ramsgate Twinning Association

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Ramsgate is twinned with Conflans (France), Chimay (Belgium), Frederikssund (Denmark).

Ramsgate Twinning is run by the following people:

The Current Mayor (President)
Trevor Shonk (Chairman)
Mary Watts (Treasurer)

We arrange visits between the twinned countries. In Chimay, during August, there is a youth program. We try to arrange with local Ramsgate schools to have a contingent of young people to go for up to a week to be involved in sports, art, music and learning about the towns and what they can do.

This is open to exchange visits.

Visitors from Conflans and Chimay plan regular trips to Ramsgate, to see the twinned town.

The Twinning Association visit Conflans, 30km from Paris, to attend a ceremony called the Pardon, which is a service quite like our Armistice Day. This takes place at the Arc de Triumph in Paris with a buffet later at Conflans Town Hall. All members are invited.

We hold coffee mornings and other fundraisers to attract new members, which we would make very welcome.