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Accounts and Audits

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Ramsgate Town Council Audit Return
The audit of the council’s finances has completed its process with audits undertaken by both internal and external auditors. The audit return can be found in the document below and on the Ramsgate Town Council notice board at the Custom House.

Audit Return 2020-21       Audit Return Conclusion 2020-21

Audit Return 2019-20       Audit Return Conclusion 2019-20

Audit Return 2018-19       Audit Return Conclusion 2018-19

Audit Return 2017-18       Audit Return Conclusion 2017-18

Audit Return 2016-17       Audit Return Conclusion 2016-17

Audit Return 2015-16

Audit Return 2014-15

Audit Return 2013-14

Audit Return 2012-13

Should you wish to receive a copy of the return then please write to:

Laura Fidler
Town Clerk & RFO,
Ramsgate Town Council,
The Custom House,
CT11 8LP.

There will be a charge of £1 per copy + 60p postage.

Ramsgate Town Council Expenditure Over £500
The document for the expenditure of over £500 by Ramsgate Town Council can be found below:

Ramsgate Town Council Expenditure over £500 2020-21

Ramsgate Town Council Expenditure over £500 2019-20

Ramsgate Town Council Expenditure over £500 2018-19

Ramsgate Town Council Expenditure over £500 2017-18

Ramsgate Town Council Expenditure over £500 2016-17

Standing Orders
Below is a document detailing the Standing Orders for meetings by Ramsgate Town Council:

Click Here to Download the Standing Orders Document