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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the opening hours of the Council Office?
The Council Office is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 12noon.

Appointments need to be made for Afternoon Visits

Closed Bank Holidays
How do I raise a topic for discussion by Ramsgate Town Council?
Your Ward Councillor can place your topic on a Council agenda in conjunction with the Town Clerk.

The Council will accept petitions on matters within the Council's jurisdiction.

The Council also has a session for questions from the public at each full Council meeting.
How do I arrange for my name to go on the allotments waiting lists?
Contact the Allotment Officer on 01843 598758 who will take your details and add you to the waiting list for the allotment site of your choice, or you can complete the form online. (You must be a Ramsgate Resident, click the map to check).

Currently the allotment sites managed by Ramsgate Town Council are Jackey Bakers, Chilton Lane, Margate Road and Cemetery Gates. 
Where can I find a copy of the Ramsgate Fund Form?
The Ramsgate Fund Form can be found within the Council Offices and on the website by going to:
Town Council > Funding
Where can I find a copy of the Ramsgate Events Form?
The Ramsgate Events Form can be found within the Council Offices and on the website by going to:
Town Council > Funding
Where are the Community Ad Magazines delivered?
The Community Ad Magazines are delivered to 18,000 homes in Ramsgate, however you will not receive a copy if you have a 'no junk mail or leaflets' sign.
Where can I purchase a Community Ad Magazine if I did not receive one?
The Community Ad Magazines are Free.

You can pick up your copy from:
Visitor Information Centre
The Custom House
Harbour Parade
CT11 8LP

Or read it online by visiting Our Community>Ramsgate Publications>Community Ad Magazine