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St. Lawrence

The settlement here pre-dates the church from which it now takes its name. St. Laurence Church was at its centre and the surroundings were farms, woods, orchards and ancient manors.

The original Ramsgate was a small fishing settlement at the harbour. At St. Lawrence by 1900 there was a narrow High Street of cottages, a post office, a wide variety of shops, a fire station, a forge and several public houses.

St. Laurence Church was a chapel of ease to the Mother Church at Minster until 1275.

The original parish, covering what later became the Borough of Ramsgate, stretched to the East and West Cliffs and as far as Cliffsend, Manston and Haine.

The Parish of St. George in the centre of Ramsgate, formed in 1827, was the first of several parishes taken out of the ancient parish.

Click below for the various places in St. Lawrence:

St. Laurence Church

St. Laurence Churchyard

Ellington House

Nethercourt House

Southwood House

St. Laurence School & The Warre Recreation Ground