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Gas Works

If you look at the grass close to the corner of Boundary Road and Hardres Road you’ll see a section of concrete slabs. These cover an entrance to the Air Raid Tunnel system, most of which is still intact except for a short section near here that has collapsed.

On the diagonally opposite corner of Boundary Road from the Recreation Ground is Aldi Supermarket. Prior to Aldi this was the site of Invicta Motors Ltd (main Ford agent) and before that it was the town’s Gas Works.

The main building was Retort which fronted Boundary Road with a Gasometer further back.

Between the Gas Works and adjacent Church Road under the Aldi car park there was a grave yard that belonged to St George’s Church. Some of the earth graves may still exist beneath the car park, but it’s thought that some stonework has been removed to St George’s Churchyard.

Back on the Recreation Ground side of the road continue up the hill past the later Gas Works site. As you pass the main building you will see the Ramsgate Town Crest above the main entrance. The Borough of Ramsgate was responsible for Water, Gas, Electricity, Hospital, Education and many other local services that are now controlled from afar, and often in foreign ownership.