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Events on 28 May, 2020

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Katrina Dallamore Exhibition
McGillan & Woodell Gallery, 43 Queen Street, CT11 9DZ
An Exhibition by Katrina Dallamore
When: All Day      Contact: 01843 597428
Blend - For Everyone Who Loves to Sing
The Centenary Hall, Hardres Street
If you like singing, come along and join us.
When: 10am - 11am      
Ramsgate Music Hall, CT11 8NJ
The Boston noise-rock outfit are part classic country and part atonal noise rock.
When: 7:30pm      Contact: 01843 591815

FLEX - Restoration Comedy (Part 3)
Archive Homestore & Kitchen, Military Road, CT11 9LG
In this 4 week course we’ll explore Restoration Comedy and the life and times of playwright Aphra Behn. By experimenting with the codes and conventions of the form, and investigating the grey areas of Behn’s autobiography we will discover the most exciting way to tell the story of an extraordinary woman who we know so little about.
When: 6pm - 7:30pm