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Commonplace Results

This Commonplace provides a wealth of information and insight into how residents feel about their town. There is information that operationally useful - sites that need cleaning or hazards removed in the short-term, as well as information to help underpin and guide longer-term investment and grant applications.

There is much that people appreciate about Ramsgate - especially the historic value and fine old buildings. Several users commented that the town has room for improvement, but deserves to be improved. A lot of complaints are tactical - litter and neglect (see pages 25-28) - if addressed these can represent a quick win and build confidence.

The most controversial topics were the former Manston Airport and former Pleasurama site. Each in a different way represent the past blighting or potentially blighting the future. While the former airport is outside Ramsgate, people are concerned with the impact on quality of life if flights there are resumed or if it becomes a major freight hub.

The top five improvements that people would like to see (pages 14-15) underpin the sense of potential waiting to be realised: there is a clear link of civic concern between ‘More community feeling’ which was the most indicated improvement, and the next four in the ranking - fewer empty buildings, better design and construction, more local character and more greenery.

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