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Ramsgate Neighbourhood Plan

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Ramsgate Town Council is engaged in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Ramsgate. The work of drafting the plan is being undertaken by a group of volunteers reporting to a steering group led by the Chair and Vice-Chair of Planning.

When complete, the Plan will set out a number of planning policies specific to Ramsgate. These policies will need to be taken into account by officers and councillors when determining all future planning applications.

The aim is to prepare and obtain approval for a Neighbourhood Plan for Ramsgate that is appropriate to the needs of the town and will contribute to its economic and social regeneration.

Neighbourhood planning was introduced by the Government in 2012. A neighbourhood plan is a community-led planning framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of an area and, if successful at referendum, if will be part of the statutory development plan for Ramsgate. To be adopted the plan must comply with European and national legislation, contribute to the achievement of sustainable development, have appropriate regard to national policy and be in general conformity with existing strategic local planning policy.

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Further information on the process can be found on the Locality website:

Working Group Notes

RNP Meeting Notes - 1 March 2019