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Quarterly to Bi-Monthly Magazines

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17 January 2021

Community Ad Quarterly 19.10.2020
Since November 2013, Ramsgate Town Council has published the Ramsgate Community Ad Magazine every quarter. This will soon be changing.

In July 2020, Community Ad Ltd approached Ramsgate Town Council with the proposition of changing the frequency of the magazines, from quarterly to bi-monthly.

The Council saw this as a great opportunity to share more information with the residents of Ramsgate and would like to thank Community Ad Ltd for making this possible by increasing our magazine production by an extra two magazines a year.

The magazine has expanded over the last seven years and has collaborated with a variety of community groups, photographers, and residents. Thank you to all of those who have been involved and continue to be involved in the process of publishing this magazine. The magazine will continue to be distributed to 18,000 homes in Ramsgate.

These bi-monthly changes will come into effect from the next issue, Issue 30 – March to April 2021, and will subsequentially have the following schedule:

May – June
July – August
September – October
November – December
January – February
March – April

We are always looking for articles written by community groups, residents’ associations and even individual residents, so if you know anyone or are interested in submitting an article, please feel free to send me an email. You can also send me an email if you wish to be added to the content mailing list for the magazine deadlines.
Written by:
Dean Williams (Magazine Editor),
Digital Communication and Marketing Officer,