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A Message from the Mayor of Ramsgate

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04 September 2020

Mayor - Sept 2020
The last three months have been challenging for all of us, and I want to extend my sincere condolences to those of you who have lost family and friends because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish a speedy recovery to everyone who is suffering from the virus at the present time.

The problems surrounding homelessness and rough sleeping were made even more difficult due to lockdown measures. As your Thanet District Councillor in Ramsgate, I worked with officers to secure accommodation for several residents who were faced with rough sleeping and homelessness.

During the lockdown period, I delivered food parcels to Ramsgate residents on behalf of the Salvation Army food bank, collected prescriptions, made telephone calls on behalf of residents, and interacted with the most vulnerable people in our town. Many families and individuals experienced food shortages, which put the food bank under great strain. This vital resource was kept running by generous donations from the community as well as from local supermarkets and ‘Our Kitchen’ run by Sharon Goodyer. As well as making deliveries to residents, my husband and I supplied free meals for local homeless people via volunteers through our family restaurant. We also supplied free lunches to the staff at Boots in Ramsgate, without their services many residents people would have run out of vital medication.

As an existing business owner and your Mayor, I was fortunate enough to open the new Days Supermarket in Harbour Street. I hope that other new businesses will open up nearby too. I am so pleased to see that development is now in progress on the former Pleasurama site.

Ramsgate Town Council is working hard to make our town even more attractive by placing plants, flower beds and hanging baskets around the town centre and the seafront, while also keeping our town clean by removing rubbish and litter picking. As a Thanet District Councillor, I managed to get fly tipping and rubbish cleared up after receiving requests from residents, with the help of TDCs' efficient Streetscene Enforcement and street sweeping services.

I would like to thank all the Technicians and volunteers who have given their time and effort to make our town beautiful.

With the lockdown restrictions on businesses and our daily lives now being lifted, Ramsgate is coming back to life. However, we must make an extra effort to keep each other safe. Please keep washing your hands, keep social distancing, where possible, and wear a mask if you can.
Written by:
Councillor Raushan Ara
Mayor of Ramsgate