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Ramsgate Litter Forum Update - September 2020

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29 October 2020

Town Team 21.07.2014
The Litter Forum has been running since March 2018. It is chaired by Ramsgate Town Team, and brings over 20 community groups involved in litter-picking, clean-ups, gardening or improving their areas together with Thanet District Council (TDC) and Ramsgate Town Council (RTC) to work together to make our town cleaner.

The litter challenge has been greater since people have been out and about after lockdown, and overflowing bins and rubbish on the streets and beaches are really disheartening.

But TDC has responded by increasing the number of bins in streets and parks, the RTC Technicians have been amazing in getting fly-tipping and rubbish cleared up quickly and many individual residents have upped their efforts too!

Since lockdown we’ve noticed lots of new people registering on the Ramsgate ROAD (Ramsgate Residents One A Day) Facebook group, where people commit to picking up just one piece of litter every day or seven a week. Before lockdown, the group had 350 members, but now it has more than 400 - which adds up to over 146,000 fewer pieces of litter on our streets every year! To join, find us on Facebook or email us.

The Great Ramsgate Spring Clean in May had to be postponed, but the Ramsgate Litter Pickers Group are out and about now doing occasional group litter picks again. If you’re up for joining one, find the group on Facebook or email Jo at

There’s still a huge amount to be done and we welcome any help individuals or groups can offer. If you can help, or if you run a community group or residents’ association that can get involved, please contact us at

Written by:
Tricia Austin
On behalf of Ramsgate Town Team