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Mayor of Ramsgate 2020

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29 July 2020

Mayor of Ramsgate 2019
Following the Annual Town Council Meeting on the 29th July 2020, it was agreed that the Council retains the entire structure of committees, chairmanships/vice chairmanships, and any representation on other bodies until May 2021, when a new council structure will be decided by election by the members for council year 2021-22.

I am pleased to inform you that Councillor Raushan Ara, will continue the role as Mayor of Ramsgate for 2020–21, Councillor Jane Hetherington will also continue as the Deputy Mayor.
Kim Hobbs, Administrative Assistant & Mayors P.A

Councillor Peter Campbell will continue as Chairman of Ramsgate Town Council and Councillor Anne-Marie Nixey as Vice-Chairman.

The Chairmen of Committee are as follows:
Councillor Tony Knight - Chairman of Amenities and Environment Committee
Councillor Peter Campbell - Chairman of Finance & General Purposes Committee
Councillor Stephen Albon - Chairman of Planning & Infrastructure Committee
Councillor Stephen Albon - Chairman of Radford House & Custom House Committee
Councillor David Green - Chairman of Town Promotion Committee

The Calendar of Meetings can be found below to download:

Click Here to Download the Calendar of Meetings 2020/21

The Ramsgate and Events Funding forms can be found below:

Ramsgate Fund Events Fund

Ramsgate Town Council