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A Message from Miss Ramsgate 2019

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24 January 2020

Miss Ramsgate 2019 - Alisha Maskell
In 2019 I entered the Miss Ramsgate competition. It was to be the start of a wonderful year. Many believe that the Miss Ramsgate competition is just a beauty pageant. However, with three years’ experience as a part of the Court, I can assure you that this isn’t the case at all.

The Miss Ramsgate Organisation has provided me with so many valuable life experiences since I was first selected for the 2016 Court as a timid schoolgirl. Between that Court selection and the present day, my confidence and self-belief have developed so much, thanks to the Miss Ramsgate Organisation members and the people I have met.

Following two years as Ramsgate Princess in 2016 and 2017, I stood down to prepare for my GCSEs. However, I missed everything about the organisation and the experiences that it provided me with, so I decided to enter the competition in March 2019. To my surprise I was selected as Miss Ramsgate 2019, alongside my two Princesses, Lucy and Alyssa, and my Deputy Miss Ramsgate, Paige, and I couldn’t have been happier.

During my time as a part of the Court of 2019, we have attended many events in Ramsgate and around Kent. These include carnivals, working with different organisations and charities in our town and helping raise awareness and money for their causes. We have helped the RNLI and a couple of churches with their fundraising events. We have had stalls at some events in the town such as the Christmas Lights Switch On. We supported Mr Ralph Hoult with some of his events which he puts on for charity and have been part of the Mayor’s party attending church services such as Armed Forces Day and Remembrance Sunday where I laid the wreath on behalf of the Miss Ramsgate Organisation and felt very honoured to do so.

We have also taken part in 13 carnivals this year, riding on our float which is specially built for us and always depicts a Ramsgate landmark. Ramsgate Carnival Day is always the highlight of the year for the Ramsgate Court as we become hosts for all the visiting Carnival Queens who come into Ramsgate for that day and we have a meal and a dance after the carnival.

There are so many things I would like to mention and so many people who have helped me throughout my year. I would like to thank them all.

Finally, I would like to thank Ramsgate Town Council, the Mayor and the Councillors. Without their help and that of Miss Ramsgate Organisation Committee, none of this would have happened.
Written by:
Alisha Maskell,
Miss Ramsgate 2019