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Ramsgate Litter Forum - October 2019

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14 October 2019

Town Team Litter 14.10.2019
The Litter Forum is an initiative of Ramsgate Town Team and has been running since March 2018. Community groups involved in litter-picking, clean-ups, gardening or improving their areas (20 of them at the last count) meet every two months with Thanet District Council (TDC) and Ramsgate Town Council to try to improve cleanliness in the town.

Litter Forum Action Plan
Amongst other things, the Forum is working on getting more street bins, improving domestic recycling services, reducing commercial waste on our streets and keeping our beaches clean. We also co-ordinated the Ramsgate Great British Spring Clean in April 2019.

We are making progress, but we’re aware that there’s still a huge amount to be done! If you run a community group or residents’ association and are able to get involved, please contact us on

Ramsgate Litter Pickers Group
If you’re interested in taking part in occasional group litter picks, or getting help to organise one in your area, why not join Ramsgate Litter Pickers? This group was set up to carry on the great work of the Spring Clean, and is co-ordinated by Jo Edgington who runs Rotten Ramsgate Tours. You can find the group on Facebook or contact her on to find out more.

Ramsgate ROAD group
Ramsgate ROAD (Ramsgate Residents One A Day) is a group for residents who commit to picking up just one piece of litter every day or seven a week. It has 350 members, which means nearly 130,000 fewer pieces of litter on our streets every year! To join, find us on Facebook or email us at

Road Reps Ramsgate
Road Reps is a new scheme led by Andy King from the Winterstoke & East Cliff Projects group, which aims for every street in Ramsgate to have a volunteer Road Rep keeping an eye on it and linking with TDC about any street litter, fly-tipping or other problems. Contact us on to find out more.

New signs
Frankly, we’ve been pretty disheartened to see areas we left spotless after the Ramsgate Great British Spring Clean get filled up with rubbish again, so we’ve invested in new signs to remind people to use a bin or take their litter home! If you’ve litter-picked an area and want to put up one of the Litter Forum signs, contact us and we’ll drop one off to you.
Written by:
Tricia Hartley,
Ramsgate Town Team