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Hours Increased for Newington Library

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26 July 2019

A small delegation from Ramsgate Town Council met with the Kent County Council Cabinet member responsible for Libraries,(within the Community and Regulatory services portfolio), Councillor Mike Hill, and his team.

We were please to find that Kent libraries has reviewed and recalculated the number of opening hours for Newington library and increased the opening hours from 15 hours per week to 23 hours per week. We were told that the latest data on library used justified an increase in hours.

Ramsgate’s hours remain unchanged at 37 hours in the forthcoming changes to opening hours, which is disappointing, but the Ramsgate delegates made a number of suggestions to justify and increase to tier 1 and 42 hours per week in the future.

Ramsgate Town Council will work with the library service to deliver increased awareness of the activities within our local libraries and we hope that will prove to be a catalyst to increase community participation, in what is after all, a community facility. In short, if we want to retain a decent library service in Ramsgate, we have to use it and support it. If everyone used their library once a week, closure or a reduction of hours would be out of the question.

We suggested to the library service that they look into relocating Newington library within the community and that a dialog between them and Thanet District Council, takes place as soon as possible.

We believe that our advocacy to defend local library services has enabled Kent County Council to look again at the data and ameliorate what was very bad news for Newington and Ramsgate; however, it does not end there. If we do not make better use of what is everyone’s birth right it may be lost irrevocably. We think by working with Kent County Council and encouraging them to invest in Ramsgate, we may in the future see improvements and not cuts in services.
Written by:
Richard Styles,
Town Clerk