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Ramsgate's Green Step Forward

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19 July 2019

Trees Carbon RTC
Ramsgate Town Council, along with many organisations, both public and private, aspire to be carbon neutral in its operations. The Council recognises that steps to achieve this need to be taken carefully with the minimisation of costs to the Ramsgate Ratepayer firmly in mind, but those steps do need to be started.

A first step will be to audit our operations to understand our energy use and what can be changed to make reductions.

It is likely that after all our efforts some of the Council's energy and other requirements will need to be offset by carbon capture measures in our environment. For this and many other reasons, Ramsgate Town Council recognises the value of trees in the urban environment. As well as the visual impact, (for example London Road,) native trees provide carbon capture, attenuate noise, reduce pollution and provide habitat for many insects and birds.

Following Ramsgate Town Council’s Planning and Environment Committee on 10 July, it was agreed to ask the Finance and General Purposes Committee to allocate a £1000 budget to further this initiative. It was also agreed that a quarter plot on one of the allotments sites is to be set aside for use by the group ‘Street Trees for Ramsgate’ as a sapling nursery, as a starting point.

Chairman of the Planning and Environment Committee, Councillor Stephen Albon said:I am extremely pleased that the members of Ramsgate Town Council have recognised the importance of trying to get the Council activities carbon neutral. We hope to set an example to others in Thanet and are grateful to local groups for their input and support in having a plan to grow and plant much needed trees, not only for their amenity value but for their important role in providing cleaner air.

Amendment 22 July 2019:
Street Trees for Ramsgate are currently not in a position to pursue Ramsgate Town Council's generous offer of a quarter plot, as they are a relatively new, small community group. The group are keen to continue to develop a close working relationship with Ramsgate Town Council.

Chairman of Street Trees for Ramsgate, Joseph Dance said: "Street Trees for Ramsgate welcomes Ramsgate Town Council's ambition to reduce levels of carbon emissions across the town, and as a key part of this, we are grateful for the ongoing support Ramsgate Town Council has shown in helping community groups like our own to plant, protect and promote urban trees in Ramsgate."
Photo: Ben Marsh-Allen

Written by:
Dean Williams,
Digital Communications and Marketing Officer