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Gardening is good for you, it's a proven fact

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15 July 2019

Allotment Shop
Regular gardening can reduce mental health problems like depression and anxiety, reduce stress and high blood pressure and improve physical fitness.

Ramsgate & District Leisure Gardeners Society members are home and/or allotment gardeners. We have a shop, run by volunteers, that is open on Sunday mornings on the Chilton Lane East Allotment site. We sell gardening sundries at very reasonable prices. Goods on offer in the shop include good quality bamboo canes of many sizes, various widths of ground cover, fleece, nets and windbreak by the metre. Fertilisers and plant foods, many of which are organic, are sold loose by the kilogram or in bags, giving greater flexibility. We also sell liquid seaweed and many other gardening sundries.

We aim to make your gardens and allotments more productive, whether it is flowers or vegetables. Growing your own is really rewarding and it is amazing providing your own delicious, nutritious produce too! Home grown vegetables don’t always look as pristine as supermarket ones, but they certainly make up for it in taste!

It only costs £3 per calendar year to become an Associate Member. This gives members use of our shop. If you are an allotment holder, for an extra £3 you become a Full Member which also gives membership of the National Allotment Society. This provides amongst other things online allotment advice and third party insurance on your allotment.

We are always looking for people to join our Association and if interested you can become a shop volunteer and maybe a committee member if elected.

Opening hours are Sundays 10am – 11:30am in the summertime and 11am – 12noon in the winter (The change between seasons is when the clocks change).

Come and join us at our shop which is located at the Chilton Lane East Allotment site on the roundabout leading to the Royal Harbour Approach Road.
Written by:
Graham Jones
Ramsgate & District Leisure Gardeners Society