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Election Results - Parish of Ramsgate

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07 May 2019

Ramsgate Crest
The following candidates have been elected to Ramsgate Town Council:

Central Harbour Ward
Raushan Ara - Labour Party
Peter Campbell - Labour Party
Becky Wing - Green Party

Eastcliff Ward
Stephen Albon - Labour Party
Helen Crittenden - Labour Party
Corinna Huxley - Labour Party

Nethercourt Ward
David Green - Labour Party
Anne-Marie Nixey - Labour Party

Newington Ward
Jane Hetherington - Labour Party
Pat Moore - Labour Party

Northwood Ward
Stuart Piper - Thanet Independents
Lynda Piper - Thanet Independents
George Rusiecki - Thanet Independents

Pegwell Ward
Barbara Young - Conservative Party

Sir Moses Montefiore Ward
Tony Knight - Labour Party
Pat Makinson - Labour Party

Ramsgate Town Council is made up of the following: 11 Labour Councillors, 3 Thanet Independent Councillors, 1 Conservative Councillor and 1 Green Councillor.