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'NO IFS, NO BUTTS' Campaign - April 2019

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30 April 2019

Town Team 21.07.2014
“No Ifs, No Butts” is a new Ramsgate Town Team scheme launched during the Great Ramsgate Spring Clean month, which aims to reduce cigarette litter around pubs, cafés, takeaways and betting shops in Ramsgate.

Proprietors who join the scheme commit to taking responsibility for keeping their premises frontages clean. Ensuring cigarette ends are cleared away into ashtrays and bins and not swept into gutters (and thus onto our beaches) and encouraging their customers to dispose of cigarette & other litter responsibly.

With support from Thorley Taverns, the Town Team is providing window stickers for participating premises which ask customers to help proprietors by using ashtrays and bins. At the end of the year we hope to offer small rewards to the most successful “No Ifs, No Butts” scheme members. Look out for the sticker to spot a scheme member!

If you’re a landlord or business proprietor and might be interested in joining the scheme, please contact us on - and if you are a ‘regular’ at a local pub, café, takeaway or betting shop, please encourage them to join too, to help ensure a clean and healthy environment for their customers and the town as a whole.

PS: Thanks to Trevor Shonk, King of Puns, for the scheme title!
Written by:
Tricia Hartley