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Town Promoter Update - April 2019

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30 April 2019

Town Promoter Van Gogh
Winters are often quieter for businesses and even more so in a coastal town, but now that the darker months are behind us, we can all start to enjoy warmer, longer days and hopefully reap the rewards of a growing tourism economy where we have seen a steady increase in visitors, people employed in the industry and more money spent in our wonderful array of shops, galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants!

One of my jobs this year has been to help produce the Ramsgate Rocks Booklet, it is packed with events throughout the year! This year it features a separate page for all of Ralph Hoult’s events as he has too many to list.

This year, courtesy of local artist Jim McGarry, we have featured Vincent van Gogh on the front cover. This is to celebrate his stay in Ramsgate in 1876, where he spent a happy summer before heading back to London. On June 15, the first of a series of celebrations of Van Gogh will kick-start with a Van Gogh summer event featuring the unveiling of the bust that was created by renowned sculptor, Anthony Padgett who has gifted Ramsgate with one of his seven Van Gogh busts which he has distributed in various ‘Van Gogh locations’ across England and Europe.

There will be several more Van Gogh projects over the year. We hope, working with The Ramsgate Society, Friends of Spencer Square, the Addington Street Community Group and Ramsgate Town Team to produce a Van Gogh Trail, a book featuring his letters and sketches of the Paragon. We look to produce a short film which will be created working with local schools and Sylvie Bolioli (Ramsgate International Film Festival director).

If you want to be involved or think you can help with any of these projects, please get in touch by emailing

..if sometimes there are no people whom you can love enough, love the town you live in... I love Paris and London even though I’m a child of the pine-woods and of that beach at Ramsgate’ - Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo, September, 1876
Written by:
Rebekah Smith,
Ramsgate Town Promoter
07970 746428