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Ramsgate's Greatest Asset - Our History & Heritage

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30 April 2019

Harbour Street
Have you ever wanted to learn more about the amazing History of this great Town that we live in? There are three fun ways of learning more; the first is the Old Ramsgate History Workshops; second is the "Old Ramsgate - A Trip Down Memory Lane" Nostalgia Shows and third is walking the Ramsgate Military & Heritage Trail across the town.

The History Workshops are every Tuesday from 10am until 12noon at the Hereson Family & Community Centre at the top of Lillian Road. There is a twenty six week programme with a different Ramsgate topic every week and every five weeks we go out and visit one of our many historic venues. These are based on the Old Ramsgate Collection of photographs, these prove to be very popular as they bring back many memories of bygone days in Ramsgate.

The "Old Ramsgate - A Trip Down Memory Lane" Nostalgia Shows are every second Thursday in the month and take place in St. Laurence Parish Hall at 7:30pm, for a modest £3.50 this also includes tea or coffee. Although they are all Ramsgate, each session has a totally different look at the town we live in, with many slides on the big screen. Both of these events are presented by myself and are a good way of meeting new friends. I have been running these for nearly three decades and they have proved to be very popular.

The Ramsgate Military & Heritage Trail is the newly set up trail of blue plaques across the town. This tells stories of some of the very historic parts of town, which you can cover at your own speed. There are no guides but we have published a great book to help you through the journey, including photographs and a trail map. This is all free and the booklet can be picked up at the Ramsgate Visitor Information Centre in The Custom House, Harbour Parade or at the Hereson Family & Community Centre in Lillian Road.

For any more details please get in touch with Ralph Hoult OBE on 07969 672674 or email
Written by:
Ralph Hoult OBE