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Miss Ramsgate Organisation 2019

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30 April 2019

Miss Ramsgate 2019
The Miss Ramsgate Organisation held their Selection Dance at the Newington Community Centre on Saturday March 2, they are pleased to say the competition was a success with six lovely young ladies entering. The judges had a very hard time choosing the girls that will represent Ramsgate in the forthcoming year.

The new Miss Ramsgate is Alisha Maskell, who is 17 years old. Her two Princesses are, Lucy Woodward, who is 14 years old, and Allysa Redford-Taylor, who is also 14 years old. Paige Barkham was crowned as Deputy Queen for 2019, after having had a successful year as Queen last year, this is normal practice. Thanks go to the retiring Court, Paige, Mollie, Pasha, Chiana and Louisa who did Ramsgate proud, they finished their year by winning the Best Court of the Year trophy along with other awards. Their Float took the Best Float of the Year. The Court are now getting ready for another busy year as they already have 48 events booked. If you see the Court out, do come and say hello to the girls and they hope to see you all out on carnival day on July 28.
Written by:
Marion Pearce,
Court Manager