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Active Ramsgate initiative brings in £1.2 million over past five years

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30 April 2019

Active Ramsgate New
Active Ramsgate, the tourism initiative funded by Ramsgate Town Council, has brought £1.2 million into the area since its inception in 2013.

The initiative focuses on promoting outdoor pursuits in and around Ramsgate, such as walking, cycling and birdwatching, in order to encourage tourism and therefore economic development of the town.

Active Ramsgate is run by a team of volunteers and tourism and marketing experts and has been responsible for a number of projects introduced to the area over the past few years.

This includes:
  • 4 themed walks on the Ramsgate Coast
  • Developed 2 new canoe trails
  • Run 3 Sky Rides and promoted the Viking Coastal Cycle Route
  • Introduced the first British Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships to take place in Kent
  • Being the first town to be awarded ‘We Love Walkers and Cyclists’ status

The team has also developed Active8 – eight separate activities to promote Ramsgate and the surrounding environs, and launched it with a week of activities where residents and visitors had the opportunity to try them out for free. Activities included pickleball, golf, birdwatching and kitesurfing.

The word is getting out there, and people are seeing what Ramsgate has to offer. Visitors to the Active Ramsgate website have increased by 35% in the last year alone, and social media posts have reached almost a quarter of a million people in 2018.

PR coverage has reached over 113 million people since the beginning of the project, and had the team paid for that coverage, it would have cost over £370,000.

All of this activity doesn’t just look good in terms of stats, but it has had a significant impact on Ramsgate’s tourism.

Since the programme’s inception and as a direct result of Active Ramsgate activity specifically:
  • An additional 36,000 day visitors have come to Ramsgate
  • 18,000 additional nights have been spent in Ramsgate at hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation
  • This has resulted in an additional £1.2 million to the Ramsgate economy in the past five years.

So what are people coming to Ramsgate for?
Visitors to the Active Ramsgate site are predominately walkers, it’s six times more popular than any other activity, although kitesurfing is fast coming on its heels in terms of popularity.

As a result of the British Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships being hosted for the first time in 2018, traffic to the kitesurfing page rose by a staggering 87%!

The Active Ramsgate initiative is continuing to go from strength to strength, and with the British Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships returning to our shores in August this year, the team is positive that benefits to the Ramsgate economy will continue.

If you haven’t had a chance to try out some of the activities for yourself, then just visit for more information.
Written by:
Sarah Whelband,
PR for Active Ramsgate