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SCAM ALERT: Ramsgate Town Council Statement

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13 February 2019

Ramsgate Crest
Dear Businesses and People of Ramsgate,

As you know Ramsgate Town Council publish a CommunityAd Magazine Quarterly to the residents. CommunityAd collate all advertisement payments for the magazine, and Ramsgate Town Council only deal with the editorial which is FREE for community groups.

We have recently been made aware by CommunityAd that a con-artist is phoning local businesses in Ramsgate, pretending to be an existing officer to Ramsgate Town Council, Dean. They are then asking for money for the adverts that are supposedly owed.

CommunityAd has reported this via the fraud line and Ramsgate Town Council has reported this to the police, see crime report number and reference below:

Report Number: ULV2U6AZWX
Reference Number: 46/29275/19

The impersonator has a northern accent and is using a mobile number and a 08435 number to contact businesses.

Ramsgate Town Council would not phone a business about an advert in the CommunityAd Magazine, as this is looked after by CommunityAd Web Ltd. Ramsgate Town Council take no payments at all for the CommunityAd Magazine.

CommunityAd will always check your payment with the invoice number, so if you are contacted please ask them to check the invoice number for the payment, if they are unwilling to do so, make a log of the time, date and number and report it by phoning 101 and using the crime number above.

If you hear of any businesses that have been contacted, please reassure them that it is not Ramsgate Town Council and give them the crime number above to report it, by phoning 101.

Ramsgate Town Council appreciates if you could share this information out, to make people and businesses aware of the attempts to defraud local businesses.