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Birdwatching with Keith Ross

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23 October 2018

Active Birdwatching
The autumn is a fantastic time to see some of the best nature this area has to offer – with migration already underway, we’re seeing some wintering wetland birds arriving into the area.

One of our local bird experts Keith Ross is running two walks at the moment, a Kingfisher walk around the Harbour, and a longer walk to Pegwell Bay which will not only give participants the opportunity to spot migrating wetland birds, but also other animals such as seals.

So what can be seen at this time of year?

One of the best sights to keep an eye out for is the massing of huge flocks of cormorants. They gather on the sandbank during the day and at dusk can be seen taking off into the air in large v formations.

There are also flocks of geese, grebes and ducks that can be seen, along with waders such as curlews and plover.

You may also see more Diver species in and around the Harbour.

Whether you are a keen birdwatcher or just curious about the nature and wildlife in and about Ramsgate, these walks are a great way to enjoy Ramsgate in the autumn and winter.

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Written by:
Sarah Whelband,
PR for Active Ramsgate

Keith Ross