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Ramsgate ROAD - January 2018

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23 January 2018

Town Team 21.07.2014
The Town Team has applied to become a charity. As part of this, we’re inviting anyone living or working in Ramsgate who does any sort of voluntary work to improve life in our town to become a member of the Town Team.

Membership is free, and you don’t need to do anything more than you’re doing already but if you do have time to do more, we have lots of activities going on that we would welcome help with! We’ll be holding at least two meetings a year where members can help us decide on our priorities, and getting involved in new projects to make life in Ramsgate better for everyone.

To become a member of the Town Team, send us an email with your contact details (email address if possible and phone number/ address if you wish) to, or send us a message through the Ramsgate Town Team or Ramsgate ROAD Facebook pages.


Ramsgate ROAD (Residents One A Day) is a new group set up last September by Ramsgate Town Team. People who join the group commit themselves to picking up one piece of litter off Ramsgate’s streets every day (or seven a week).

It may not seem much, but in the few months since we started we already have nearly 400 members, that’s over 145,000 fewer bits of litter on our streets every year!

Yes, we know this is one of the things we pay Council Tax for, but we can see this isn’t happening as we would wish, so we prefer to take action ourselves to improve our town.

We also know some residents already regularly pick up whole bags of rubbish from our streets and beaches. What you do is hugely appreciated, and the last thing we want to do is discourage you, so please do carry on as you are…!

To join, visit our Ramsgate ROAD Facebook page or send an email to

Together we can make Ramsgate a great place to live in, work in and visit!
Written by:
Tricia Hartley
Ramsgate Town Team