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Monkton Nature Reserve Education Donation Update

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08 August 2017

Monkton Nature Reserve Cheque
I thought I would get in touch to update you on our position of your very generous donation for our Education Budget. I am down to my last £100 that I plan to spend on smaller pieces, but just to let you know what we've spent your money on.

Our biggest expense has gone towards the observatory, in which the astronomers will be purchasing some new software which enables them to track and photograph the skies more effectively and faster than their current outdated software, with much higher resolution.

Another large section of the budget went on purchases that will allow us to carry out presentations and courses in our newly refurbished museum and our newly built Cabin. We bought items such as two projectors, ceiling mounts and blinds (to black out rooms that we hold presentations in).

A small amount of money also went on new exhibits for our museum, we got some genuine mammoth hair and elephant bird egg fragment, as well as some plastic models of whales and mammoths.

Finally, our last main expenditure went on pond dipping sessions where we purchased new pond nets, clipboards and an electronic microscope for if the weather is bad.

Thank you again for your generosity, you've allowed us to purchase a lot of items that we wouldn't have been able raise the funds for ourselves.

Written by:
Kashmir Flint
Environmental Education Officer
Monkton Nature Reserve