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Leszek Grela - Ramsgate Olympic Taekwondo Club

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How long have you lived in Ramsgate?
Nearly 10 years, moved down in 2005.

Why did you start helping the local community?
I was always interested in sport, previously as a professional fighter, later I became a Taekwondo coach. I greatly enjoy getting involved in the local community and knowing that I have made a change.

What are your earliest memories of Ramsgate?
The sea and the lovely fish and chips from Pete’s Fish and Chip shop at the Ramsgate Harbour.

What are your ambitions?
There is not anything I would like more than to see one of my students compete at the Olympic Games.

What are you currently working on or towards in Ramsgate?
I voluntarily run an Olympic Taekwondo sports club in Ramsgate.

Why did you start this current project?
I love sport especially Taekwondo and enjoy working with children so I put 2 and 2 together and now I can proudly say that I run a successful sport club.

Where did you get the idea from to start this?
I run a successful Taekwondo club in Poland, so after I moved to Ramsgate I wanted to do it again.

What can Ramsgate look forward to from you in the future?
I am sure we, as a club, will represent Ramsgate on National and International arenas during Taekwondo competitions.

How do you feel your contribution has helped or made a difference to Ramsgate?
I can see positive impact sport does for a young people, especially mentally like self-confidence, self-discipline. Many of our children have various physical disabilities and I like to think that sport has helped them with not only their co-ordination and core body strength but also their confidence and attitudes.

Where do you see yourself helping the community in a year’s time?
I see myself running sport sessions for young people from difficult backgrounds. I would like to make a change.

Interview by Dean Williams, Technical Officer
Interview Date: 19th November 2014