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Jim Mc Garry - MCGcreates

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How long have you lived in Ramsgate?
My partner and I both worked in rather hectic advertising agencies in London and wanted a major change in lifestyle. We opted to move to the best town on the South East coast just over eight years ago.

Why did you start helping the local community?
My background is in advertising and marketing. I began working at Saatchi and Saatchi as a junior Art Director way back in the 90’s. I thought my experience in these relevant fields could help enhance local projects, events, businesses & community schemes; bringing professional merit to their design, branding, marketing and advertising requirements.

What are your earliest memories of Ramsgate?
When looking to move from London, it was my partners idea to look around the South East coast. She grew up in Scotland not far from the sea and I grew up in Belfast, so was never more than 12 miles from a beach.
We did a bit of research and realised the weather was terrific in this little corner of England, so we made many visits before moving. As a visual landmark and outstanding memory of our first visits here, the iconic power station towers at Richborough were the first real indicators we were near ‘home’. It was rather unfortunate they had to be demolished.

What are your ambitions?
I thoroughly enjoy the work/life balance I have at present. In the future I may consider starting up an advertising & marketing agency. But for now, growing my design/advertising business through my network of local contacts is a priority as its always a good idea to walk before you can run.

What are you currently working on or towards in Ramsgate?
I currently have a few projects on the go, helping various businesses in the town raise their profile. I have just finished a small project for the Defence of the Nation Museum & Education Centre located within the Ramsgate Tunnels. My latest illustration entitled ‘Battle of Britain’ is being sold through the Spitfire & Hurricane Museum at Manston. I’m also in discussion with a local business about a re-design project whilst working on my illustrations, as well as building my portfolio.

Why did you start this current project?
I continually work to improve and refine my artistic style. I select various events or upcoming anniversaries then illustrate and design a poster for that event/project/commemoration. I’m always busy working on the ‘next’ one. The re-design work and other jobs I undertake keep me busy and focussed.

Where did you get the idea from to start this?
There have been many WWII commemorative celebrations this year with the 75th anniversaries of Operation Dynamo and the Battle of Britain taking place; the former in May, was a big event encompassing the town and the role it played in helping evacuate 338,260 servicemen from Dunkirk. I began the research and composition of the illustration back in January with the poster taking over a month to complete. Most recently, my ‘Battle of Britain’ illustration/poster took over three weeks from initial concept to finished article. I also accept ad-hoc commissions so there is always an art project on the go.

What can Ramsgate look forward to from you in the future?
I always aim to add to my illustrative and design portfolio. My new website is currently being built. It carries the most up-to-date gallery of my work to view and purchase, and will be continually updated with new projects, commissioned works and news.

How do you feel your contribution has helped or made a difference to Ramsgate?
In my professional capacity, I hope my creative input has helped raise the profile of the businesses I’ve been involved with. Ramsgate, with its rich heritage and diversity has so much potential. The town needs assistance to encourage greater visitor numbers, increased business growth and development, and to elevate its overall visibility. I want my contribution to make a difference; whether we have lived here all our lives, or have chosen this as our town to live, we all want what is best for Ramsgate. Everyone has their capabilities and limitations, so I want to help when I can, where I can and in whatever genre I am asked, either as an advertising professional, or as an artist.

Where do you see yourself helping the community in a year’s time?
I’m always available for consultation on any project. Whether you are a business, community project or SME, needing help with understanding your design or advertising requirements, irrespective of budget, please get in touch at I will also be concentrating on adding to my illustrative portfolio and design work. So we’ll see what the next year brings.

Interview by Dean Williams, Technical Officer
Interview Date: 24th July 2015