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Tower Block Safety - Update

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Fire Safety
I write to provide an update on our on-going measures to reassure you about the safety of your home. We continue to work with Thanet District Council and Kent Fire & Rescue Service to ensure that appropriate measures are in place to protect you and your family in the event of a fire.

This has involved us in; reviewing evacuation plan arrangements, providing fire safety information to you, visiting you, offering support, amending the weekly fire alarm tests, increasing the level of contact we have with you, listening to you and responding to your enquiries and undertaking inspections of the building.

Kent Fire & Rescue Service expects to visit every high rise block of flats in Kent including the one in which you live, and we will expect them to visit blocks in Thanet over the next week. Additionally, as part of the on-going process of providing reassurance we shall be inspecting various parts of the building starting with the external wall insulation to ensure that it continues to perform as well today as it did when it was installed.
Written by:
Deborah Upton, Chief Executive
East Kent Housing