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Kent Bus Feedback Portal

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During last summer’s Big Conversation with residents, many people told Kent County Council (KCC) that they didn’t know who to give feedback to about bus services.

To make this clearer, KCC have launched a Bus Feedback Portal. It includes information about how to make a formal complaint or compliment about bus services and who to contact in the event that bus users experience problems.

It also includes a feedback form for residents to let us know about their experiences of using buses and the quality of service provided.

KCC will use the feedback that they get, to gain a greater understanding of what types of problems bus users experience and to spot trends about the areas or on which services they arise. KCC will use this information to inform the conversations that they have with bus operators through our Quality Bus Partnerships or more generally and help improve things for bus users.

KCC is encouraging people to use the form to let us know about their experience of using buses and the quality of service provided. A link to the portal if provided below:

If you have any comments about the portal then please email