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Tower Block Safety - Staner Court

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Fire Safety - Staner Court
You may have seen on the news in the last few days that there has been a fire in a tower block in West London. This may have made you think about the fire safety arrangements in your own block.

I wanted to write to you to reassure you that we take your safety extremely seriously and that fires of this type and severity are very rare. We regularly inspect all blocks of flats to assess any fire risks and work closely with the Kent Fire & Rescue Service to ensure that suitable fire prevention measures are undertaken. In addition weekly fire alarm tests are carried out and at regular intervals the emergency lighting is tested.

Although there are a small number of blocks of flats in the East Kent District that have been over clad this work was not carried out by the contractor responsible for the work to the West London block of flats and the materials and type of over cladding are not the same. The over-cladding used on your block is mechanically fixed with render over.
Written by:
Tracey Fossey,
Thanet District Council