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Ramsgate Town Carnival Vacancies

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26 January 2021

Carnival 15.01.2014
The Ramsgate Town Carnival Committee has some vacancies and we are looking for people to volunteer. The vacancies are for Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Some experience would be desirable but not necessary as there are people on the Committee to help and give guidance.

The Ramsgate Carnival is a seaside tradition and goes back to the early 1920’s, as far as we have proof. It may have been going for longer and if anyone has any material showing at the history of the Carnival, we would be very pleased to see it.

The Chairman’s role is to authorise employing the Health and Safety Executive for the Carnival Day, liaise with the owner of the funfair and book his services, contact Thanet District Council and the Road Safety Officer and work with their requirements. Liaison with the Miss Ramsgate Organisation Committee is also important for the role they play in the Carnival and the help they give on the day. The Chairman also has to fill in the application forms for grants from Ramsgate Town Council for expenses occurred and complete the returns forms showing what money has been spent on the Carnival. The Chairman will also have to renew the insurance policy. The President and Vice President will be available to help with these matters.

There is already a Parade Officer who collects the applications for the Carnival and sorts out the parade order. There is a Senior Marshall who liaises with the Health and Safety and Road Closure Executives, as well as the Police, and makes sure that the route is clear for the parade to pass along safely. The Parade Officer also checks that the Marshalls are placed where there are road closures and the correct barriers. The Parade Officer travels in the lead car for the parade to make sure it goes at the right speed and makes the appropriate stops for the bands and other walkers in the parade. He/she, will also make sure emergency vehicles can pass through the parade if required, but no other vehicles, apart from those entered, can move in the parade or cut through it.

The Secretary will need to work with the Chairman to assist with publicity and also with the Parade Organiser to ensure that he/she has enough entry forms to send out for parade entries. The Secretary may also send out entries for fair stalls and collate them when they are returned to the Committee and then work with the Chairman to position the stalls on the site for Carnival day.

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the account books up-to-date, accounting for all the income and expenditure. Some experience of using an account book would be beneficial but not necessary. The accounts are submitted to Ramsgate Town Council once a year with the application form and a summary of the accounts should be made available at any Committee meetings that the Chairman holds.

The process of putting on a Carnival requires help from the Committee throughout the year and people who wish to volunteer are always welcome, as well as, to fill the positions above. We are always recruiting for the parade entries and stall applications as well as doing some fund raising. The more people that come forward to help, then the easier it becomes to put on a better parade for the Town.

Carnival Day will be on Sunday July 25, 2021. If anyone wants any more information, please phone the Vice President, Marion, on 07798 677140. Thank you.
Written by:
Marion Pearce
Vice President, Ramsgate Carnival