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Moon Lane wins Children’s Bookseller of the Year at last night’s British Book Awards 2020

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01 July 2020

Moon Lane 03.07.2020
Moon Lane is absolutely delighted and hugely grateful to The Bookseller and MacMillan for this amazing award. It means the world to us and is a huge step in supporting our mission to raise equality in children’s books. We are truly honoured and deeply grateful for this amazing recognition.

Award acceptance statement by Tamara Macfarlane, co-owner and founder of Moon Lane:
Children's Bookseller of the year 2020 is an exceptional prize for Moon Lane to be awarded. It means so much to us in terms of recognition within the publishing industry generally, but it is particularly important this year as it highlights all of our work to raise equality in children's books; equality of access, representation and roles in the publishing industry. Great innovation and practical intervention is needed in all areas of children's publishing and bookselling in order to ensure equity of access to books for every child. As an industry, we are only at the beginning of accepting the enormity of what it truly means to even take steps towards this aim. Every single individual within publishing and bookselling has a vital role to play in achieving this. The recognition of the whole range of our work and the scope of our initiatives will, in turn, expand our outreach ability and our continued innovation. As children's booksellers, we are most effective when forming a bridge between the children's publishing industry and our wider communities, bringing them closer together. Our wider initiatives also support publishers with new routes to market for their increasingly diverse publishing.
The work that has gone into achieving this award has been a complete Moon Lane team effort. There are ten of us behind the scenes that have worked tirelessly, with many, many hours of overtime, because each person on the team is driven by the Moon Lane mission. So, this award is for the whole Moon Lane team, with particular thanks to Paul Chin and Leah Chin, my business partners. None of last year's expansion, increase in reach, and the impact that we are now achieving would have been possible without them, our amazing customers, and the rest of our team working so hard. We are so grateful.

Read the judges’ summary of why they chose Moon Lane as the winner from the other amongst the amazing children’s booksellers in the shortlist, which included Waterstones and Blackwells:
Written by:
Nicci Rosengarten,
Moon Lane