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Blend - For Everyone Who Loves to Sing

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18 June 2020

Blend groups are a fun way to sing popular songs with others who love doing that too! If you find yourself singing along to the radio, having a warble in the shower or just belting out a ballad while you are in your car, then a Blend Social Singing Group might just be the place for you!

Blend singing groups are light-hearted, fun weekly sessions where singing within a group leaves you with a feeling of positivity, happiness and togetherness. Tea, coffee and biscuits are readily available and, of course, there’s a whole lot of singing going on!

Adult groups run on a ‘Pay-as-you Sing’ basis as we know that not everyone can make a group session every week, but you will always be made more than welcome when you can.

There are four Blend Social Singing groups across the local area, with one of them operating here in Ramsgate!

We sing lots of different songs at each session with a regularly changing programme and they are learnt through familiarity. You can expect a range of old and new musical numbers and hits from the films to get your vocal-chords round. You may even find something new you like!

For all enquires contact Katharine or Richard on 07714 529968, or email:
Written by:
Katharine and Richard