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Getting Thanet Community Online

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26 February 2020

Thanet Online
We offer free friendly workshops of 6 - 8 people so that we can give the learners the time they need. We were involved in a national initiative of a one year project funded by the NHS and the Good Year Foundation and backed by government. We were volunteers who were trained to lead sessions. We enjoyed the work so when the funding ended we decided it was such a worthwhile project that we would like to continue the work.

We formed Getting Thanet Community Online and became a Community Group with a Constitution from April 2019. We currently run workshops for Ageless Thanet and are negotiating with other groups. We also hold a drop in clinic at Broadstairs Town Shed and help the Thanet Trust by providing IT help for their Job Club.

The following is an extract from a public report by the Good Things Foundation:
Digital exclusion in the UK is holding back economic growth and stalling social inclusion. In 2018, 11.3million adults lack one or more of the basic digital skills for life and work. At current rates of progress, by 2028 there will still be 6.9 million people without these skills. In a world where we increasingly rely on digital in all areas of our lives, this is too slow.

We believe that everyone in the UK should have the confidence, skills, support and access to use digital technology to participate in society and benefit from the digital world. And we want to move faster towards realising this aim.

Our vision is a world where everyone has the opportunity to benefit from digital.

For more information call 07826 832932 or send an email to
Written by:
Jacqueline Williams