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24 January 2020

Home Start Thanet
Builds A Sense Of Community and strengthens your own social network giving you a sense of belonging.

Improves Your Social Life which quickly develops, social interaction improves physical and mental health. Improves brain functioning and lowers risks of depression and anxiety. Even improves your immune system.

Increases Your Skills In The Employment Market, more interaction and networking and greater confidence gained from trying out new experiences, which in turn increases your employability and improves your job opportunities.

Shows Your Commitment And Compassion to potential employers, colleges and training organisations who view volunteering as such a positive way forward. It shows commitment and initiative. Just what we’re looking for!

Helps You Decide Your Future when you have been out of work or studying for a while. Sometimes a feeling of uncertainty creeps in and volunteering can help you decide which pathway to follow.

Develops Your Emotional Stability by helping you feel connected. It supports positive mental health and can support people who previously faced traumatic situations.

Builds Bonds And Friendships and gives you a sense of connecting with others. It can actually combat loneliness and extend your life expectancy as volunteers tend to be more active and mentally happier.