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Croquet - It's a game of strategy and skill

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24 January 2020

Croquet Club
Get ready for the sunshine in spring & summer, join us for croquet on Ramsgate’s West Cliff.

We will open early in March so come along and try out this great sport. New members are always welcome, and you are guaranteed to have fun and make new friends.
  • Croquet is good for your health and well-being.
  • It’s a game of strategy and skill.
  • Men and women play on equal terms.
  • People of all ages and abilities can compete.

Think Sport, Tactics, Team, Friends, Fun

In Victorian England croquet was a game for the wealthy but two world wars and a century of social change caused the game to go into decline. It has adapted and once again it is a thriving sport. Modern croquet is a fun, social game at club level and association croquet has been compared to snooker on grass. It is played competitively not only in clubs but nationally and internationally.

Ramsgate Croquet Club (RCC) can be found at Westcliff Lawns on the Royal Esplanade next to Government Acre, where four superb lawns are available for play.

RCC is open every day from early March to December 24. It is a thriving club which welcomes interested people of all standards, from complete beginners to experienced players. Any age can play, from ten years upwards, and it may even help to keep you fit and healthy. There is a friendly atmosphere with all members keen to help and encourage beginners to learn the skills required to enjoy the game.

Croquet can be enormous fun. Laughter is often heard echoing around the lawns.

Come along for a free introductory session, any Thursday afternoon (1:30pm to 4pm); or Saturday morning (11am to 1pm), except when competitions are taking place.

All equipment will be provided but please wear flat shoes.
For more information visit: or call 07484 144108.