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Miss Ramsgate Organisation 2020

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24 January 2020

Miss Ramsgate 2019
The Miss Ramsgate Organisation has announced that the date of this year’s Selection Dance will be held on Saturday March 7, 2020. This is where young ladies are chosen to represent the town for the forthcoming year. They go through a process of questions before a panel of judges in the morning, then another round in the evening where they have to make a short speech about themselves and about their favourite place or places in Ramsgate. They then answer a few more questions from Mr Ralph Hoult, the Master of Ceremonies.

By the end of the day the five Judges will have selected a suitable young lady to become Miss Ramsgate and two more ladies to be her Escorts or Princesses. This is NOT a beauty pageant, but is the start of a process to select a young lady who loves Ramsgate, who has a good sense of humour and personality and who is prepared to serve the town throughout the year. She will represent Ramsgate by attending carnivals, fetes, charity events and other events in the town.

The competition is open to girls/young ladies aged between 14 and 21 years who live in the CT11 or CT12 postal areas. Judging will be held at the Southwood Football Ground, Prices Avenue, CT11 0AN with the first round starting at 11am and then the second round, at the same venue, starting at 6:30pm. We ask that the contestants dress in either evening or prom type dresses.

Entry forms are available from the Court Manager, Marion Pearce, on 07798 677140 or go on the Facebook page for Miss Ramsgate Organisation.

We would like to thank the Court of 2019; Miss Ramsgate - Alisha Maskell, Deputy Miss Ramsgate - Paige Barkham and Princesses - Lucy Woodward and Alyssa Redford, and congratulate them on all their hard work for the town in 2019, and all the awards they have won in other towns throughout Kent. They have been brilliant ambassadors for Ramsgate.

We would also like to thank Ramsgate Town Council, The Mayor of Ramsgate, the Ramsgate Town Councillors who sponsor us, and all the residents who support us.
Written by:
Marion Pearce,
Miss Ramsgate Organisation