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What's in a name?

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01 February 2019

San Clu - Tony Withers Photography
Looking up from Ramsgate’s sandy beach, you can see the Victorian Comfort Inn, or as it is better known to you and me, the old San Clu Hotel. It looks like it is nestled among the clouds. Now if you have ever wondered how the hotel got its San Clu name then please do view it from the beach and you will see the “hotel in the clouds”.

After being developed in 1887, the hotel was named St Cloud, a very apt name. However, the then owner of the hotel, Mr Stacey, having spent a lot of time in France had intended for St Cloud to be pronounced the French way. Typically, it was never pronounced this way and when the hotel was purchased by Mr Sugden in 1922 the spelling of the name was changed with the view that people would then pronounce the name the French way and “San Clu” was born.

The hotel changed name in 2003 when joining Choice Hotel’s franchise and became a Comfort Inn, however the name simply could not be lost and the bar and restaurant retained the name “The San Clu Bar and Restaurant”, thus keeping the now much loved name. The hotel has been an important part of town life over the years hosting lots of events and accommodating many guests and no matter what changes occur the San Clu will always be the San Clu.