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Croquet - Social Pastime or Competitive Challenge?

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01 February 2019

Croquet Club
Think Sport, Tactics, Team, Friends and Fun.

In Victorian England croquet was a game for the wealthy but two world wars and a century of social change caused the game to go into decline. It has adapted and once again it is a thriving sport. Modern croquet is a fun, social game at club level, association croquet has been likened to snooker on grass. It is played competitively not only in clubs but nationally and internationally.

Ramsgate Croquet Club (RCC) can be found at Westcliff Lawns on the Royal Esplanade next to Government Acre, where four superb lawns are available for play.

RCC is open every day from mid March to December 24. It is a thriving club which welcomes interested people of all standards over 10 years of age, from complete beginners to experienced players. There is a friendly atmosphere with all members keen to help and encourage beginners to learn the skills required to enjoy the game. Croquet can be enormous fun, laughter is often heard echoing around the lawns.

Come along for a free session on Open Day, which will be held during a weekend in May and see if it is the pastime for you. The club will provide all the equipment and coaching. You just need a flat pair of shoes.

We hope to welcome you soon.

For more information:
Charlie (Coach) on 01843 591265
Julie (Membership Secretary) on 01843 825279