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Ellington Park secures Heritage Lottery Grant!

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01 February 2019

Ellington Park
The Friends of Ellington Park, working in partnership with Thanet District Council (TDC) are delighted that they have secured a grant of £1,640,000 from the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery Funds to regenerate Ramsgate’s Ellington Park.

The park was at the centre of public events for many years since its creation in 1892: the famous pageant of 1935, the Ramsgate Carnival sent off by such celebrities as Roger Moore, the Viking Camps, and so many more. By the 1980’s the park slipped into decline, all the facilities and historic artefacts were gradually removed until it was eventually designated “an area of avoidance” by the Police.

In 2010, the park was in a very poor condition and local people didn’t feel safe anymore, so a group of local residents and two police officers decided to form the Friends. For eight years the Friends raised funds, held events, and looked after the park and for the last six, they did their best to get ‘whole park’ funding to return the park to its former glory.

After initial reluctance in 2017, TDC backed the project wholeheartedly … and here we are today! A huge Thank You to everyone who has supported and helped this enterprise.

It will take about two years before the building and repair works are completed but there will be events and workshops in the meantime. Please keep your eye on our notice boards in the park and our social media to see what’s happening, or you can contact us at