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Life Planning gives New Lease of Life

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01 February 2019

Ageless Thanet Life Planner
Due to declining health and financial difficulties, Anne found herself becoming increasingly more isolated and lonely. After coming into contact with an Ageless Thanet Life Planner, she found a way to enjoy life again.

Anne is just 1 of 648 people who have benefitted from seeing a Life Planner, since the service started in 2015. They are able to assist with a variety of issues that can arise in later life that potentially can lead to a person becoming lonely or isolated.

Anne said:
I had become physically less able, which meant that I was unable to take part in activities I enjoyed such as knitting, sewing and dancing; and I wasn’t able to afford to get out and about as before which I was finding very frustrating.

Anne’s Life Planner also worked with her to resolve her financial difficulties.

Anne added:
My Life Planner has helped me in so many ways. She identified that I was eligible for further financial help that I had never heard of before. I’m no longer frightened about my future

Through gaining additional income, Anne found that she was able to do more things such as going out for a meal with friends, which has greatly improved her well-being. She was also able to carry out some renovations to her home, this meant she felt more comfortable about inviting friends round which helped to prevent her from becoming isolated.

If you or somebody you know is going through a challenging time and would benefit from talking to an Ageless Thanet Life Planner, you can get in touch by calling 01843 808685.