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Why is being creative good for you?

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18 July 2018

Arts in Ramsgate (AiR) is an Arts and Community Centre that welcomes everyone regardless of your age or ability, you could be 2 years old or 90 years young it doesn’t matter, we are here to help you. Just come and have a cup of tea or coffee and find out what we do.

Are you one of the many who thinks they are not good at art? Do you think it’s rubbish and it will not do you any good? Let us show you how wrong you can be. If you are one of the converted that’s great news, hopefully you can help us persuade others how great it is.

All of us need to relax and be healthy, have new experiences, forget about sad times, meet new people, start talking, keep laughing or just make a change in your life.

Research tells us just how good it is to be creative. The medical services even believe that it can make a difference and encourage you to try something. It is good for our brains no matter what age.

For young children it develops all the mental skills needed for problem solving; for the mathematician who needs to think outside of the box; the engineer; the shop salesperson; the scientist who needs to develop theories and the artistic who do not get time to develop their visual and practical skills. It helps team building, independent thinking, coordination and visual awareness, just to mention a few things that can make a difference to their learning skills and life. It helps relax them after a day at school, for teenagers it helps reduce the stress of today’s education system.

Are you thinking this doesn’t apply to me I’m older than them, I’ve done it, I don’t need to do it? The saying ‘we are never too old to learn’ is so true. Learning new skills keeps the cells in our brain working, helps combat memory loss, relaxes us as we think only about the activity we are doing, this helps reduce blood pressure, tensions and loneliness. Meeting new people and having fun creating things for the festivals, a new lease of life!

So how does it help? You come out of your home, meet new people. If you’ve lost your confidence then bring a friend and come and say hello; tell us and we will help you. We totally understand this and everyone in the centre has been through some form of experience in their own life.

Those of you who are into the Arts please don’t think the centre isn’t for you. You are needed to share your skills, help keep us on our toes helping you. Try new skills and techniques. Look at the work in the gallery to stimulate ideas.

We also have a Yoga programme and a Wellness group. These are as important as being creative mentally, you just do it physically. It develops all the same elements: brain, skills, coordination, relaxation, friendships and discussion groups.

So now you’ve read this please come to AiR at the Hub in Harbour Street. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am – 4:30pm. There are specific projects that run in the evenings. Just come in and see us or call us on 01843 309284. We do charge for some activities as we have to raise money to keep the centre functioning. Our fees are as low as possible and occasionally we get funding from Trusts and run things that are free. The buses stop at the bottom of the road, car parks are nearby so no excuse, come and see us.
Written by:
Chris Turner