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18 July 2018

Ramsgate Beach
Britain has voted to take back control of its borders. What does that mean in real terms?

Can we afford and do we want a huge border force keeping a watch on our coastline? The answer is probably not if we want to fund the areas of expenditure that are important to most of the population, such as the NHS and Education etc.

Like so much of what we thought should be done by ‘them in charge’ we may have to take a hand ourselves as volunteers and why not?

The Special Branch want Citizens to be eyes and ears for incidents or events that might seem minor or slightly unusual happening on our coastline. Here in Kent we have a large, mostly undefended coastline, where those seeking to carry out unlawful deeds can hope to do so unobserved. There are so many creeks, inlets, bays and marshes in Kent, that it is impossible to keep a full time watch of it all, even with a full complement of drones, dirigibles, fixed and rotary wing aircraft or patrol vessels.

So, what are you being asked to do?
  • If you observe something that does not seem quite right; report it using the contact number – 0800 555 111
  • Don’t intervene or put yourself in danger.
  • Don’t get into an altercation.
  • Do take notes of the date, time and location with details of what happened when you report an incident.
  • If you have a smart phone take a snap but remember, don’t put yourself in danger when doing so.
  • Don’t attract attention from those you have observed by your actions, move away and report the incident as quickly as possible.

So what are Special Branch interested in receiving? It could be anything; a craft manoeuvring in an odd way; a fisherman with no gear; a rubber dingy landing at night in a quiet spot.

It may all be quite in order, but let Special Branch decide and allow them to evaluate the intelligence you have transmitted to them.

So, enjoy your walks along our lovely coastline, but keep your eyes and ears open and report it, if something appears a bit odd.
Written by:
Richard Styles,
Town Clerk