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Be Creative with Arts in Ramsgate

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23 January 2018

Why is it good to be creative?

Being creative is good for your health, mind, personal enjoyment, and quality of life.

AiR wants to help you enjoy trying something new in the New Year. Why you ask?

Well it is good for:

Children – it helps them develop their creative thinking and skills, which improves their academic learning, their mental ability, motor skills and creativity.

They work in teams as well as individually and this all leads to a better quality of life.

Adults – it keeps the brain active, helps against dementia, reduces stress levels and helps relieve depression.

It is also good for meeting new people, which reduces loneliness. It enables you to join in with community activities and contribute to the vibrant life of Ramsgate.

For adults who work it is good for relaxing after a stressful day – you don’t have time to think about work – just yourself.

As well as our normal classes, AiR are offering Yoga, Meditation and Wellbeing training, as art and health go hand in hand.

Come along and talk to anyone in the Centre about what we do. All of the people who run the Centre have been through some of the activities and their lives have changed.

If you would like to join our friendly team of Volunteers please pop in and speak to us.

For more information please come in and see us at:-
18 Harbour Street, Ramsgate, CT11 8HA
Phone: (01843) 309284
Facebook: Arts in Ramsgate, AiR